Tips on assembling your own pc gaming

What’s in your mind when you hear about assembling your own gaming PC? Sound difficult, impossible, or even interesting? Like most things, we tend to be afraid to do things we’ve never done before, but assembling their own PC gaming is not as scary or as hard as it sounds.

I will explain step by step how to assemble a PC for gaming needs in detail. You who have never assembled a PC before will be able to follow it easily. I am serious, assembling a PC is not as difficult as assembling a Gundam-well, maybe for some people.

Before assembling your own gaming PC, there are some things that you should pay attention to
Static electricity is harmful to components

PC components are very sensitive to electrical voltage. Even a very low voltage will easily damage the PC components you have.

Therefore, make sure you do not have static electricity in your body. To remove static electricity in your body, you can hold metal objects that are embedded into the ground (grounded). The use of antistatic wristbands is also highly recommended in PC assembly.

Raft a PC on a desk or on a flat surface. When assembling, avoid standing on the carpet, because the friction between your feet / pants / socks with the carpet will potentially generate static electricity.
Do not dispose of the motherboard manual

You can see your motherboard scheme in the included manual. Very useful when you start to confuse which cable to connect to which socket.
Possible upgrades of PC components in the future


Do you need a new generation processor for your work? Do you really need DDR4? Does the casing you use accommodate the use of a large graphics card? This is very important in the selection of components and will save you a lot of money in the future.
Pay attention to reviews when going to choose hardware

Do not immediately believe with one review site. Get used to see reviews of a product from different sites.

So what do you think? Does this look very difficult or easy for now?

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